Get free FIFA 21 Points for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

Every single year gamers are spending so much money just for FIFA Points. They are using them to open FUT packs in the hope to get good players. Unfortunately, not everything goes as expected. You can literally spend thousands of dollars, but don’t get any 87+ player or icon!


Here is the bloody truth!

In 90% of the packs, you are opening are useless consumable objects such as player contracts, fitness, manager contracts, attributes and other items! Packs mostly consist of average players and sometimes when you get lucky and get a TOTW it will be just an average Team of the Week player. Everyone knows it. The chance to get an awesome player is incredibly low, but people still spend their hard earned money just for Points and therefore for FUT packs. It shouldn’t be like that. Its a total waste of money and time. Yes, its fun to see if you get a walkout or not and all the famous YouTubers are pushing you with their videos. Their videos how they get great players and icons are highly manipulative because they are heavily editing them. Do you want to see the reality? Join a live stream on Twitch or YouTube gaming and check out how many top players will walk out from the packs!

Don’t spend any money any longer!

With the FIFA 21 points hack you can decide how many items you would like to get. It’s totally up to you whether you generate free FIFA 21 points or not. However, we strongly recommend you to hack FUT 21. It’s simply not worth it to spend money on the in-game purchases. In 90% of the cases, you will be disappointed with the outcome. I am sure you already know the feeling: Just spent $50 on FIFA Points and packs, used all the Points, opened all the packs, but didn’t get a single good player. Yeah, welcome to the club. The same shit happens every single minute to hundreds of other gamers. We are sick of it.

More fun with the FIFA 21 Points Generator

Let the other gamer spend all their cash on items. You just found the FIFA 21 hack, which can be a real fortune for you. In fact, it has never been easier for any gamer to save so much money for an online game. By the way: The FIFA coin generator exists for such a long time. A few years ago it was possible to cheat and hack FUT 21, but now it works even faster. Don’t wait too long, because right now it is working perfectly fine!

The First Time I Used The Generator

I am playing FIFA Ultimate Team since 9 years. The first time I created my team was on FIFA 11. Since then the game made some massive improvements and added great features. In the beginning it was totally random, not really competitive and just for fun. Since FIFA 17 they added the Weekend League and some other competitive modes, which totally changed the whole mode.


I have been lucky!

From the beginning I knew how important coins and points were and I was lucky enough to figure out ways to generate them for free. A few years ago I had to download the FIFA coin generator on a website called “”, but this one doesn’t exist anymore. According to some rumours EA took them down, after they were developing the first working FIFA Ultimate Team hack. The main reason they got caught was because they made it available for free. Everyone could run it. Everyone could get free FIFA coins and points without any hassle. I am lucky enough to say: I am one of the first users of the FIFA coin generator and since then it has been a pretty long time!

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We are lucky!

Electronic Arts could take down the providers, but for every website or hack they took down, two more were created. The developer, community and many gamer all over the world understood how important such tools as the FIFA coins hack are. They knew from day one how important the coins and points are. They also knew EA is going to scale this up, making the in-game currencies even more important. At this time no one could ever imagine a pay to win mode like FUT would become a serious esports mode. We are lucky, because the community and the developer didn’t gave up, even they faced a billion dollar company. Instead they were adding new features, created new websites and developed even better versions of the FIFA coin generator.

fifa 21 coins generator


You are lucky!

Yes, the FIFA hack exists since almost 10 years and you might have never heard of it before, but now you heard of it and it is time for you to generate free FIFA 21 coins and points on your Xbox Live, PS4 or PC. Today it is even easier than it has been in the last few years. You don’t need to download anything any more and you don’t need to activate proxies, since the FIFA 21 hack already got them integrated. Right now in this very moment it is working perfectly! At this moment the FIFA 21 coin generator is available in several different languages such as german, french or italian!


Take advantage of Bugs and Glitches in FUT 21

Every single year the same: The same old glitches and bugs are returning to FIFA Ultimate Team. The most famous and most annoying is the kick-off glitch. You will be able to use it like always. Besides that there so many other bugs in FIFA 21.


Tom’s gameplay is based on taking advantage of glitches. Don’t be like Tom. Be better.

Is it any secret the most “professional” FIFA gamer are masters of taking advantage of glitches and bugs? Absolutely no wonder. The whole game is full of it. Its funny how Electronic Arts is releasing so many patches and updates, but they are never going to fix some bugs. How is this even possible? Let’s take FIFA 19 for example. There have been so many bugs right from day 1. Most of them haven’t been fixed at all – even the game was updated around 7 or 8 times. In general FIFA 19 has been updated several times in the first three months of its launch.

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Is EA actually playing or testing their own game? 

We doubt it. You might doubt it too. Otherwise, we can’t explain why there are so many glitches in the game. This makes us ask ourselves if its on purpose or not. What are they doing all the time while developing the game? Maybe counting the cash of the in-game currencies. FIFA Points are more popular. The sales are skyrocketing. Is it really worth it to buy them if the gameplay is trash and got many bugs? Absolutely not.

How else can we get coins and points?

On we are offering the FIFA 21 hack, which works for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. You can literally use it any time you want and everywhere you are. Simply run it right on your device. Only a working internet connection is necessary. You don’t need to worry about anything else. For example, there is no risk for you of getting banned. Its time for you to take full advantage of FIFA 21 bugs and glitches.

The Best FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Cheats

Its your choice if you are going to play FUT 21 in the normal way or if you want to use specific cheats, which will make it so much easier for you to dominate the game. It really depends on you. For some people it might be okay to spend thousands of dollar to open bad FUT packs. Others don’t really want to waste their time and money anymore. They decide to use FIFA 21 cheats.

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How will FUT 21 cheats help you?

They will give you the unique chance to get better players for free. Don’t misunderstand us. You won’t be able to simply “click a button and get the player” – you will need to get free FIFA 21 coins, then go straight to the transfer market and get the player you want. This is to keep everything natural. By the way it is not possible to send a player to your team out of nowhere. The cheats are often also called “FIFA 21 coin generator“, because you can generate coins and points on your Xbox Live, PSN or Origin account. It makes things much easier and uncomplicated.


What are the benefits of using FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cheats?

It gives you such a great freedom. Honestly, you will be able to form the best squad ever. This will increase your chance of getting more wins in the FUT Champions Cup and many other things. For example you could make pack openings, stream it on YouTube and get so many subscriber. People really do love pack openings, because they are unpredictable. The most famous YouTuber started their “career” by opening countless FUT packs on Ultimate Team. This can be your chance as well. If you just want to have fun you can use the cheats and hacks to get free coins in order to get better players. We wish you lots of success doing so.