Take advantage of Bugs and Glitches in FUT 21

Every single year the same: The same old glitches and bugs are returning to FIFA Ultimate Team. The most famous and most annoying is the kick-off glitch. You will be able to use it like always. Besides that there so many other bugs in FIFA 21.


Tom’s gameplay is based on taking advantage of glitches. Don’t be like Tom. Be better.

Is it any secret the most “professional” FIFA gamer are masters of taking advantage of glitches and bugs? Absolutely no wonder. The whole game is full of it. Its funny how Electronic Arts is releasing so many patches and updates, but they are never going to fix some bugs. How is this even possible? Let’s take FIFA 19 for example. There have been so many bugs right from day 1. Most of them haven’t been fixed at all – even the game was updated around 7 or 8 times. In general FIFA 19 has been updated several times in the first three months of its launch.

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Is EA actually playing or testing their own game? 

We doubt it. You might doubt it too. Otherwise, we can’t explain why there are so many glitches in the game. This makes us ask ourselves if its on purpose or not. What are they doing all the time while developing the game? Maybe counting the cash of the in-game currencies. FIFA Points are more popular. The sales are skyrocketing. Is it really worth it to buy them if the gameplay is trash and got many bugs? Absolutely not.

How else can we get coins and points?

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