You would like to know how the FIFA 21 coins hack works? We wrote a step by step guide for you. Before we start there are some things you should know:

  • You can update the game any time you want
  • There is absolutely no risk of getting your team banned
  • It works on every system
  • You only need an internet connection
  • No download needed
  • You can run it for yourself or for other people
  • Our hack is available in german, french, italian and english
  • Make sure to enter 100% correct information in order to get the free coins and points
  • Nobody asks for personal information such as e-mail or password

fifa 21 coin generator

Now lets start with the FIFA 21 hack guide:

  1. Close the game completely (don’t run it in the background)
  2. Open the FIFA 21 coin generator online
  3. Enter your username (Xbox Gamertag, PSN ID etc.)
  4. Choose on what system you are playing FUT 21
  5. Enter the amount of free points and coins
  6. Click on “Generate”
  7. Wait for a few seconds
  8. Verify yourself as a human by solving the verification process (easy to do)
  9. Have fun with your free coins and points!

This is it! If you need help you can contact us any time. Please understand it is really necessary to successfully solve the human verification process. Otherwise it won’t work. With this verification we can make sure you are not a bot or some kind of a hacker. It shouldn’t be any problem tho. Its very easy to do and takes only two minutes. Make sure to complete it.